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We have always believed that nature's way is best, and have always used wholesome and healthy beef practices in raising our animals. Our Cattle are 100% naturally fed, and we have never used pesticides or herbicides on our land or given our animals any type of growth hormone. Our grass-finished animals forage freely in our pastures on a range that is totally herbicide, pesticide and GMO free. While we follow USDA total healthy raising of cattle specifications, we do not certify our beef with the USDA due to the large amount of bureaucracy and added expense. Angus beef free from USDA Certification Overhead - healthy and delicious.

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About our Grassfed Beef

We use an "intensive grazing" process on our lands that best simulates the effects of natural grazing. A large herd is kept in a carefully managed space for anywhere from two to five days, depending on the size of the pasture, and allowed to completely graze down the land. Then we move the herd to a different pasture and give the land its rest to allow it to recover fully before pasturing animals on it again. This practice allows the soil's nutrients to be recovered so the new grass that grows back will be the best quality for our animals. This technique is also more environmentally friendly and prevents the over-grazing of any one particular pasture. The result is wholesome beef raised with sustainable, natural practices. We do not burden our customers with the added cost of bureaucratic USDA certifications.

Delivering our meat for slaughter to our partner in Silvana, we bring great grass fed beef to the Seattle market.

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