The Seattle Grassfed Beef Market

There are a number of butcher shops and food stores in the Seattle market that sell grassfed beef. Seattle residents are the beneficiaries. But is it all you are expecting? Many of us in Seattle want grassfed beef for all the social agenda benefits. We want cows that have been raised on natural high omega-3 grasses. Grasses that have not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. We want cows that have not been injected with hormones and anti-biotic or fattened with methane producing grains. We want cows that have been allowed to roam in a large pasture and cared for by an owner that knows the cows by name. We want to know the cow has been slaughtered humanely. All these things make for grass fed beef we can feel good about eating in restaurants or at home in Seattle. You can click here to find out more about our grass fed beef Seattle loves.

Grass fed beef from the supermarket MIGHT fit this criteria, but then again it might not. That is why Forest Cattle is proud to serve the Seattle market directly: from pasture to plate. We bring the farm to the city. You can be assured that you are getting the full benefits of healthy farm practices that honour the place of the cow in our history and our diet. You are welcome to visit our farm and see our pastured beef processes. Since we deliver and butcher the cow to order, you know you are getting exactly what you are you expecting. Only a short drive from Seattle to Silvana to pick it up, our grass fed beef ordering is straight forward and convenient. Order your beef now!

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