Humanely Raised Beef Cows

We raise our cattle in a humane, natural way. We believe this helps the culture, helping the planet and helping our livestock. We also believe that our beef just tastes better. If you do much research on the subject, raising cattle in a humane way is difficult to specify. There are really no specifications for what humane means in the cattle industry. Yet I think we all know what being humane means, at a gut level. That is what we are proud to do. We use our gut to tell us how to treat our animals.

For a more some ideas of what might be considered humane, you could turn to the group Certified Humane ( They offer their definition of animal welfare. Certified Humane publishes a 45 page compendium. This covers everything from feed contents to availability and accessibility of feed and the ability to go outside by the cattle. They speak to water supply and emergency water supply, medical management of cows, transportation, and slaughter.

They have a strong focus and description of cattle pens, buildings, ventilation, laying areas, density, wind breaks, air quality and floor design. All of these specifications are important and have strong bearing on industrial breeders that treat cattle as beef product and not an animal.

Forest Cattle treats our cattle as if they were our pets. We know our animals and our goal at the outset is to treat them well. Certified Humanes specifications are minimum conditions to create a safe and humane beef cattle ranch. Our goal is to provide an optimum condition for our cows. We produce happier, healthier and tastier cattle and beef. Grass fed, free roaming, and delicious angus.

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